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Ziggy – 33′ TOPAZ

Come onboard the Ziggy to go after marlin, mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, and wahoo!

Quick Details

Five Hour Private Charter Price includes up to 6 people
Eight Hour Private Charter Price includes up to 6 people

Fish Cabo San Lucas Aboard a Famous Vessel

About the vessel

Ziggy’s reputation far exceeds her, so fishing this charter is like stepping behind the scenes of a major success movie.

In her days, Ziggy has won numerous prizes in tournaments and has landed some pretty impressive fish. She has also caught one of the record-size blue marlins in Cabo San Lucas – it weighed over 1,000 lbs! And in early July 2017, she reeled in a 400 lb blue marlin.

But, what would a boat be without the crew and captain? Behind the wheel of this modern boat of Topaz make, you’ll find a seasoned captain who will take you to where the fish are. The first mate will work hard to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Ziggy has plenty to offer! Restored in 2017, she now boasts top-of-the-line navigational equipment, a fighting chair, outriggers, a flybridge, a live bait well, and an icebox. This vessel also features a kitchen, toilet, and bed. If you want, you can indulge in spearfishing or fly fishing, as the equipment is waiting for you on board.

Keep your catch, and the crew will clean and fillet it for you! Drinks, snacks, and lunch are served on VIP trips, so if you want to pamper yourself and have a blast in the heat, then this is the perfect outing for you. Although Ziggy can carry up to six anglers, for maximum comfort while fishing, it’s preferable that groups of four come along.

You’ll go after blue, black and striped marlin and face the likes of mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, and wahoo. Book your trip online today!

VIP Treatment

We recommend you take advantage of our VIP treatment. This will include licenses, snacks, drinks, and lunch!

For fishing, VIP treatment includes:

  • Reels and tackle
  • Lures
  • Live bait
  • Your catch will be cleaned and filleted for you